Born on September 11, 1959
Studies: 1979-1985 in Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (sculpture)
Address: Marxova 377
273 06 Libusin
Czech Republic
tel: ++420.312.672 589

Selection of exhibitions, installations and projects:

1991-"I Think of You", City Museum, Horice v PodkrkonoŲí, CS
1992-"Empty Heart", Young Gallery U Recických, Prague
-"Sculptures, Enlargements and Little Boxes - Little Sketches", Theatre Ká, Prague
-"The Way", A-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia, [C]
-"Grandma", mail exhibition, Europe

1993-"Unfinished Sollutions", M-D Exhibition hall, Prague
-"Quickened Pulse", Contemporary Art Centre Lab, Malevich Foundation, Moscow, [C]

1994-"Heroes of My Childhood", installation, Theatre Pod Palmovkou, Prague, [C]
-"Prague-Petushki", installation, Contemporary Art Centre Library, Moscow
-"Little Bellies of Young Women", installation, Gallery R, Prague
-"It's not Easy not to Be Lost", Museum Milevsko, CZ, [C]

1995-"Graphic Works", City Library, Viborg, Denmark
-"ALLTOGETHER", installation, Plasy Monastery, CZ
-"Virtual Fjord", installation, "Soul", video installation, (part of the exhibition "Chaos and Order", (with G.Sagman, O.Placht, L.Tuncer), Roxy, Prague
-"Ocean Drawins", installation, performance, (with Daria Fain-dance, Michael Delia-sound), Coney Island, New York, USA

1996-"The Israeli Sea Drawings", installation, Pyramida-Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel
-"ZET GARDEN", installation (part of project Kommunikation Prolog til Fremtiden with L.Voronova, A.Damgaard, G.Voronov), Kunstnernes Hus, Aarhus, Denmark
-"Fixed by the Wind", installation, Kilyos, Turkey
-"Flash-back", installation, Museum Pelhrimov, CZ

1997-"Heroes of My Childhood", Dar Gallery, Moscow, [C]
-"Sea Drawins", Small Exhibition Hall of Blood-Transfusion Ward, Hospital and Policlinic, Louny, CZ
-"Either Fire or Desire", L-Gallery, Moscow, [C]

1998-"Yawning", At Home Gallery, installation (with M.Vojtechovský, C.Citron, D.Miller), šamorín, Slovakia
-"WALL-ART", installation, ART/OMI, Omi, U.S.A.
-"Silo", installation (with Gabriele di Matteo), ART/OMI, Omi, U.S.A.
-"Cultural Explication No.7: The Czech Garbage", 21 BEK Gallery, Sct.Petersbourgh, Russia
-"SUBWAYS", video installation in Prague's Subway, (part of the project "Artwork in Public Spaces", SCCA)
-"The Birds of Things" from the cycle "Trash Treasures",installation, "Carriage", video instalation, Club 19, Kladno, CZ

1999- -"TEXTBOOKS", Kitchen of Avdey Ter-Oganian, Moscow
-"The Czech Collection of Twentieth Century", Czech Centre, Moscow
-"Installation", Kentler International Drawing Space, New York
-"Anonymus Pragensis", gallerie Stodola, Ceský Krumlov, CZ, Enkehuset gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, [C]
-"Impossible to see", (with Redas Dirzys and Jonas Valatkevicius), Paveikslu gallery, Nacionalinis M.K.Ciurlionio Dailes Miuziejus, Kaunas, Lithuenia
-"Martin Zet: Sea Drawings", Emil Filla gallery, Usti nad Labem, CZ

Video projections:

1998-Studio Citadela, Prague
-Harvestfest, Plasy, CZ
-Salon Divus, JNJ Gallery,Prague
-Umelec-Divus, Divadlo Hudby, Olomouc
1999-"Flash-back", Mudville Saloon, Tribeca, New York

Selection of group exhibitiones:

1989-Young Czech Sculptors, Young Gallery U Recických, Prague
1990-Contemporary Czechoslovak Small Sculpture, Peking China, Novosibirsk, USSR
1990,1992- FIDEM, Helsinky, Finland, London, Great Britain
1991-Festival of Light, Prague
1992-Czech Art, City Museum Halmstad, Sweden
1993-Metaphor of The Thing, Central House of Artists, Moscow
-From The Stone Drawing to The Contemporary Art, Paleontological Museum, Moscow
-Inter-Contact-Graphic, Mánes, Prague

1996-SOUND OFF, Bratislava, Slovakia
-1st New Salon of Zlín, CZ
-Harvest, Galerie Sýpka, Vlkov, CZ
-Bazar Liben, Railway Station Vysocany (Divus), Prague
-A MEMORY PALACE, an Exhibition in Process, Artist's Museum, Lodz, Poland
-The Unplugged Bottle, Gallery North, Miami, USA
-THE DAWN OF MAGICIENS?, National Gallery, Palace Veletrzní, Prague

1997-Artwork in Public Spaces, SCCA, NG, Palace Veletrzní, Prague- prize

1998-ART+BIO, University Art Gallery, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, USA
-BOTTLEPOST, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
-SOUND OFF, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
-5 Days Project, E.Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem, CZ

1999-War-Artists Bulletin Board, Postmasters Gallery, New York
-2nd New Salon of Zlin, CZ
-"Anonymous", Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg, Germany
-"Path-ologies", (with C.Citron, T.Benjamin, R.Ridgway, S.Ferdinando, T.Schepens, F.Van De Ven),
Begane Gront, Utrecht, F.U.C.K., Maastricht,Holland
-"PAVEMENT: INSIDE/OUTSIDE", Martinez Gallery, New York
-"In-visible"part 2,(with Jannie C. Jones, Susanne Harwood Rubin, Charlie Citron,
Toshihiro Yashiro), Arsenal gallery, Bialystock, Poland

Participation in symposiums:

1984,1985,1987-Predni Kopanina,CS
1989-Third International Symposium, Frunze, Kirgistan, USSR-diplom
1990-Second Sympozium of Cast medal and Small Sculpture, Uherske Hradiste, CS
1992-16th Symposium at Sosto-Fürdö, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary-prize
1992,1993,1994-International Symposium MEDVEDKA-KRTONOZKA, Khanevo, Moscow -Troja 92, Prague
1993-Granit Symposium, Milevsko, CZ
1995-Dana-Burnu Symposium, Kvols, Denmark
-Meridian Crossing, Plasy monastery, CZ
1996-Stone in Galilee, Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel
-SubRosa,Plasy Monastery, CZ
-A MEMORY PALACE, First Visit, Lodz, Poland
1996,1998-International Symposium Island, Gökceada, Turkey, Bornholm, Denmark
1997-Flaschenpost, Schrattenberk, Austria
-Dzbán, Hredle, CZ
-Near The Beginning, Plasy monastery, CZ
1999-Violin, Slovakia
-Fairy-tales, Plasy monastery, CZ


1998-ART/OMI, Omi, NY, USA

Works in Architecture:

1989-Fountain (granite, stainless steel), 3x3x1.2m, Metro Station Skalka, Prague
1994-Purifying Exercise, (marble monolith), h.5,5m (20'), Metro Station Stodulky, Prague

Represented in collections:

National Gallery, Prague
Ministry of Culture, Prague
Rabas Gallery, Rakovnik, CZ
Museum and Gallery, Uherske Hradiste, CZ
Várossi Galéria, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
Pondside Press, Rhinebeck, NY, USA
Privat collections

Selection of bibliography:

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Contribution in art magazines:

1995-"Where Am I Flaming to?", DIVUS, No.2, pp.38-51, Prague
1996-"Jen se deti podívejte", DIVUS, No.3, p.145, Prague
1997-"Vom Monument zum Moment"(from monumet to monent), The Czech Collection of 20th Century,
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1998-"River and Ocean", NORTHWEST REWIEW, XXX VI-3, pp.71-81, Oregon, USA
-"ART/LIFE, Volume 18, Number 11, Issue 198, USA


1992-"The Way", (English, Russian, Czech)
1993-"Quickened Puls", (English, Russian, Czech)
1994-"It's not Easy not to Be Lost", (Czech)
-"Heroes of My Childhood", (Czech, 1995-English, 1997-Russian)
1995-"Alltogether", (Czech)
1998-"Video", (English, Czech)
-"Trash Treasures", (English, Czech)

Organisation of symposiums:

1991,1992,1993-International Symposium "Granary" Kresice, CS

CZ-Czech Republic